Narrating of My Soul


It was in the morning last week
- Love came to knock at my door
I know she knows I´m weak
And so she came once more

It´s long time from her last visit
So long – my soul forgot her pain
No I really can´t live with it
I´m not glad to say I got to leave this train

One day my friend said
I shouldn´t let any opportunity go
´Cause nothing is as dread
As it seems, oh no it is not dread so

But I remember time when love hurt I
And made me sad in the life of sorrow
I remember too good those days of cry
And so I don´t want to feel it once more tomorrow

I know it will come again and again
I know I´ll got to be strong
All my waiting for happiness is in vain
And so I think my resolution is no wrong


But now I want to tell you this
- A real story what by my life has been wrote
It´s all about one pretty miss
And about her coming on my life road

Today it´s four long years from that day
When I first met her and saw her beauty
I fell in love with her but she didn´t stay
She made hole in my heart I didn´t know putty

Through these years I felt a pain
What killed my soul and vexed my heart
Sometimes my teardrops fell down like rain
While my hope slowly sink part by part

I wanted to tell her face-to-face:
"I love you, little darling, I really do."
I tried to find the courage all those days
But I could only ask myself: "Does she love me too?"

When I was sad Jah helped me
And so times went on
Everything is as it should be
New thing started, old thing´s done.

Now I know, now I realize
I´m not good lover but I can be good friend
Let´s give Jah thanks and praise
Sun finally shines over the land

Girl in your name is shining sun
I loved you and I love you still
You were my diamond, you were my only one
I loved you and as my friend I always will

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Vyprávění mé duše

V této básni autor vypráví příběh, kdy jednoho dne vstoupila do jeho života nová láska. Ve stínu předchozích zklamání ovšem ztrácí důvěru v úspěch a proto se rozhodne ustoupit a hledat útěchu raději v Bohu. Ve druhé části pak vzpomíná první velkou životní lásku. Popisuje své pocity ve vztahu k této dívce a v závěru projevuje vděk za její přátelství i přes to, že láska nebyla v tomto vztahu naplněna.